What is HOT & FRESH?

a.  A daily e-publication

b.  Original fiction, analysis, and other stuff

c.  A chance to show how smart I am

d.  A writing exercise

e.  another blog from another self-important jerk

. . . hey, now, I resent this being called a blog.


The answer:  none of the above . . . no wait, all of the above . . . no wait, it’s some of the above, and more, and less.  First, HOT & FRESH is about principles.  If you see the word poor, we mean poor.   If we mean something other than poor, we’ll use a word other than poor.  That goes for ‘most everything here.  If you read between the lines very, very carefully, all you’ll find is blank space.  “Honesty, not modesty,” is our motto, so if you want to find hidden messages, you’ll have to invent them yourself.

There are three policies we use.

Each edition of HOT & FRESH will consist of three segments, one of which will be wholly original.  A second segment shall be either a great quote, or literature, something in the public domain.  The third segment shall be fun (by H&F Labs standards).

All topics are family friendly, but not always appropriate for all members of the family due to age or maturity.  This means no “blue words,” and no gratuitous nor graphic sex or violence.  This does not mean shying away from unpleasant topics; rather, they shall be treated with decorum.

H&F Labs is wholly responsible for  all the content.  No advertising is accepted.  No charge is made.  HOT & FRESH is always free.